Dancing to the same beat – Marketing & HR can groove together

Marketing and HR departments are involved in incentivizing people, reinforce consistent messages, measure engagement, provide proof of a value proposition and undertake activities that impact the delivery of the corporation’s strategy.

Briser le plafond de verre mental !

Je me souviens bien d’une parente qui commentait ne pas être étonnée de sa promotion au poste de commissaire d’impôt sur le revenu en Jamaïque. Elle fut la première femme à être nommée à ce poste. Un commentaire perspicace qu’elle a fait m’est resté au fil des ans. Elle a dit que beaucoup de femmesContinue reading “Briser le plafond de verre mental !”

Break through the mental glass ceiling!

Could it be that there is a mental glass ceiling that limits self-confidence, makes us risk averse and so cautious to prevent women from accepting senior leadership roles? It is ironic that being cautious and risk-averse are the traits that are needed in boardrooms and senior executive leadership positions.

Charity begins at home

So does corporate social responsibility. Values-based community engagement boosts employee retention by adding meaning. The proverb “charity begins at home” tells us that in order to extend a helping hand, we need to make sure that our own house is in order first.  That inherent wisdom is valuable in the corporate world too.  Corporate social responsibilityContinue reading “Charity begins at home”

Dismantle silos for effective change

According to research by McKinsey & Company, about 70% of all organizational changes fail. Often, such failures are blamed on staff or on external constraints, such as cost, workload and legislation. Some say that it’s the fault of executives and middle managers who resist change to protect their areas of influence. Others cite the lackContinue reading “Dismantle silos for effective change”