Caring for Work-from-home Caregivers

Aging baby-boomers are creating another boom. As baby boomers get older, they will be the ones diagnosed with dementia, creating a dementia boom that will present major challenges for their working caregiver children, the health care system, workplaces and the economy. Parking parents with dementia in nursing homes isn’t going to be the easiest option in an already overburdened health care system with limited capacity in long-term care residences.
Employers should prioritize caregiving in employee benefits plans and corporate social responsibility programs.

Prendre soin des proches aidants qui font le travail à domicile

Les baby-boomers vieillissants créent un autre boom. Comme les baby-boomers vieilliront, ce seront eux qui recevront un diagnostic de démence, créant un boom de la démence qui présentera des défis majeurs pour leurs enfants aidants qui travaillent, le système de santé, les employeurs et l’économie. Mettre les parents atteints de démence dans des résidences pour les personnes âgées ne sera pas l’option la plus simple dans un système de santé déjà surchargé avec une capacité limitée dans les résidences de soins de longue durée.
Les employeurs devraient prioriser la prestation de soins dans les régimes d’avantages sociaux et les programmes de responsabilité sociale des entreprises.

Dementia care…the downside of working from home

Caregivers of persons with dementia are more likely to be frequently absent from work. As the burden of care increases with the progression of the disease, caregivers may be forced to take disability leave, require medical care, and endure further financial hardship. The adverse effects of dementia impact caregivers, the health care system, the economy, and workplaces are also adversely impacted.
We must act now to implement dementia prevention strategies.

Addressing Violence Against Women Through Education & Pay Equity

Women gain self confidence and self-esteem when they are empowered to make their own choices, to use their talents and to participate in the economy and in healthy partnerships.