3 Stumbling Blocks That Can Derail Your Job Search & How to Avoid Them

  When I published the article “You’re hired!”…and it took me a year, I had no idea that I would be looking for work three years later.  Back then, I had just concluded an intensive search after my position in a stable, global financial institution was abolished, ending a successful career that progressed nicely overContinue reading “3 Stumbling Blocks That Can Derail Your Job Search & How to Avoid Them”

6 Tips on how to avoid being a micro-manager and being micro-managed

“Check, double check and check again.”   This was possibly the best advice I received early in my career. I followed through on my boss’ advice. I believe that this was the reason why it was noted on my performance evaluation that I was action-oriented and reliable without supervision. In later years I realized that theContinue reading “6 Tips on how to avoid being a micro-manager and being micro-managed”

Three ways to measure engagement ROI

Consider using the following metrics to gather meaningful information on engagement: 1. Correlation between awareness and consideration 2. Purchases and revenue potential 3. Advocacy.

Beyond the buzz – Defining and managing the employer brand

Attracting and retaining the employees who are a good ‘fit’ has become as important as the skills and professional experience presented on the CVs of prospective employees. Many organizations are investing time and resources to develop compelling reasons why potential employees should work for them. Corporate values, benefits packages and special incentives are communicated inContinue reading “Beyond the buzz – Defining and managing the employer brand”

Employer brand – the solution to employee retention and engagement

The development and on-going management of a well-defined employer brand is the key to creating a work environment where employees are engaged, loyal and working towards the common good of all stakeholders in the business.