Is Your Sales Pitch a Turn-Off ?

How to turn on the voice of the customer in your B2B content marketing A few years ago, one of my colleagues told me that he felt like a teenage boy who got a girl to say yes to his invitation for their first date, but not to the second. He was discouraged because he couldn’tContinue reading “Is Your Sales Pitch a Turn-Off ?”

Stop Missing Content Marketing KPIs

How effective has content marketing been in generating quality sales leads? To what extent is content marketing contributing to business development goals and revenues? The table provides high-level suggestions on the mapping of content to the stages of the customer journey.

Three Content Marketing Lessons from a Speeding Ticket

A few months ago, I got the worst speeding ticket ever.  I’m still too embarrassed to say how fast I was driving, the number of demerit points I got and the fine I had to pay.  I can’t tell anyone, not even myself, exactly how it all happened. What I can safely say is thatContinue reading “Three Content Marketing Lessons from a Speeding Ticket”

Keep Content Marketing Simple

With social media gaining momentum as important channels for marketing communication, and with technology tools now being used to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, we are in a new era of marketing.  Much is being said and written about modern marketing,  which by many definitions, boils down to creating and sustaining an engaged clienteleContinue reading “Keep Content Marketing Simple”