Embauchée – J’ai pris un an pour trouver le bon emploi

« Tapez m’en cinq ! » Je pourrais avoir dit ça à tout le monde le jour quand je suis partie d’une carrière qui a duré 16 ans dans une institution financière stable, global.  Après avoir été promue cinq fois, à cinq différents secteurs d’activité, mon poste de haute direction a été aboli parce que les principalesContinue reading “Embauchée – J’ai pris un an pour trouver le bon emploi”

You’re hired! … And it took me a year.

I could have high-fived everyone in sight as I walked away from a career that lasted 16 years in a stable, global financial institution.  After being promoted five times, to five different areas in the company, my senior management position was abolished as my key responsibilities were centralized to the company’s global head office.  GettingContinue reading “You’re hired! … And it took me a year.”

‘What’s your personal brand?’ – A better question for recruiters

Can you tell me about yourself?   Prospective employees come prepared to answer this inevitable question in the job interview. They know that recruiters and hiring managers very often use the response as a key element in their final selection criteria. Job-seekers are advised by career counsellors how to and how not to respond. “Don’t giveContinue reading “‘What’s your personal brand?’ – A better question for recruiters”

Beyond the buzz – Defining and managing the employer brand

Attracting and retaining the employees who are a good ‘fit’ has become as important as the skills and professional experience presented on the CVs of prospective employees. Many organizations are investing time and resources to develop compelling reasons why potential employees should work for them. Corporate values, benefits packages and special incentives are communicated inContinue reading “Beyond the buzz – Defining and managing the employer brand”

Treating Employees as Customers

Consider this question: Whose needs must be met first for businesses to succeed – the shareholder, the employee or the customer? For some people, the answer is clear cut, a no-brainer. Others will reply, “it depends” as the answer will be found in the most compelling case made by any of the three stakeholders. ForContinue reading “Treating Employees as Customers”