Caring for Work-from-home Caregivers

Aging baby-boomers are creating another boom. As baby boomers get older, they will be the ones diagnosed with dementia, creating a dementia boom that will present major challenges for their working caregiver children, the health care system, workplaces and the economy. Parking parents with dementia in nursing homes isn’t going to be the easiest option in an already overburdened health care system with limited capacity in long-term care residences.
Employers should prioritize caregiving in employee benefits plans and corporate social responsibility programs.

5 Steps to Create a Value Proposition for Multiple Stakeholders

Identify stakeholders and their role in the purchase process; define the pain points/key issue, usually related to their mandate; identify the solution benefits each stakeholder requires; determine how value is created for each stakeholder; identify a common theme on how value is created for all stakeholders.

Creating a happy, healthy workplace: A holistic approach to employee benefits plan design and implementation

This article was published in Your Workplace magazine, Volume 16 Issue 4 Click here to subscribe to Your Workplace Canadian employers are facing increasingly complex human resource issues and challenges, which adversely impact employee health and productivity and jeopardize business success.   By providing employee benefit plans, employers expect to achieve high standards of organizational health andContinue reading “Creating a happy, healthy workplace: A holistic approach to employee benefits plan design and implementation”