6 Tips on how to avoid being a micro-manager and being micro-managed

“Check, double check and check again.”   This was possibly the best advice I received early in my career. I followed through on my boss’ advice. I believe that this was the reason why it was noted on my performance evaluation that I was action-oriented and reliable without supervision. In later years I realized that theContinue reading “6 Tips on how to avoid being a micro-manager and being micro-managed”

Balancing empathy within professional boundaries

A few years ago, I respected the request of a team member to go home at the drop of a cat. Yes, you read it correctly, at the drop of a cat. A fifty-something male member of my team stood teary-eyed in front of me and asked if he could go home to comfort hisContinue reading “Balancing empathy within professional boundaries”

Networking – a necessity in a changing world

September is a month of change and new beginnings.  Invitations to conferences and networking events resume after the summer break.  Students go back to school – some in new grades, others in new programmes and yet others are off to university.    I was quite pleased to accept an invitation to give the key note addressContinue reading “Networking – a necessity in a changing world”