Well-behaved women seldom make history

It has been said that “Well-behaved women seldom make history.”
On this #internationalwomensday2023, I am reminded of the most valuable lesson I learned from my mother’s ‘bad behavior’:
None of us, particularly women, should ever be reticent about pursuing our ambitions or shy away from dissenting voices, even if it means defying the rules of protocol by disrupting polite discussions and going off-topic in board meetings.
Read more about the lessons I learned from my mother whose ‘politely disruptive’ intervention led to the achievement of equal benefits for women.

2 Key Questions Leaders Must Ask Themselves

  There are numerous definitions of “leadership.”  No matter how you look at it, leadership is really about inspiring people to achieve goals. It takes effective leadership to successfully achieve goals, regardless of whether they are tied to revenues and profits, a desired future state of a country, implementing a new programme or promoting aContinue reading “2 Key Questions Leaders Must Ask Themselves”