How to Avoid Losses in Your Brand Equity – Hint: Invest in People, Including the CEO

The haters are having a field day on social media.  The over 3,000 followers of the I hate United Airlines Facebook page have every reason to be cheesed off. There really is a disconnect between the airline’s renown brand messages – “Fly the friendly skies” and “We are United” – and everything the public hasContinue reading “How to Avoid Losses in Your Brand Equity – Hint: Invest in People, Including the CEO”

Stop Missing Content Marketing KPIs

How effective has content marketing been in generating quality sales leads? To what extent is content marketing contributing to business development goals and revenues? The table provides high-level suggestions on the mapping of content to the stages of the customer journey.

5 Steps to Create a Value Proposition for Multiple Stakeholders

Identify stakeholders and their role in the purchase process; define the pain points/key issue, usually related to their mandate; identify the solution benefits each stakeholder requires; determine how value is created for each stakeholder; identify a common theme on how value is created for all stakeholders.

These 3 KPIs May Get Your Marketing Budget Approved

When setting KPI benchmarks, it is important to separate and measure the contribution of each Department involved. 1. Demand generation 2. New client acquisition 3. Profitability of retaining current clients. The table provides a suggested framework for setting KPI metrics.

Three ways to measure engagement ROI

Consider using the following metrics to gather meaningful information on engagement: 1. Correlation between awareness and consideration 2. Purchases and revenue potential 3. Advocacy.