Gender Equality – Whose Responsiblity?

We are not going to resolve gender parity and diversity issues by government policies alone or by some enlightened #businessleadership speaking up and promoting a few #women and visible minorities. The joint action of the public and private sectors here in Canada and worldwide is essential. 

Services à distance en cette période d’urgence sanitaire

PUBLIÉE SUR LINKEDIN LE 5 AVRIL 2020 La crise du virus corona est une dure réalité que nous ne pouvons pas nier. Il y a beaucoup d’anxiété, angoise, et douleur. Ayant dit celà, j’ai beaucoup de gratitude pour l’équipe dont j’ai l’immense privilège à guider chez Société Alzheimer de Montréal. Les membres de l’équipe sont résilients,Continue reading “Services à distance en cette période d’urgence sanitaire”

Services continue at a distance during this health crisis

PUBLISHED ON LINKEDIN on 5 APRIL, 2020 The Corona virus crisis is what it is. Let’s not bury our heads in the sand. There is anxiety, anguish and pain. That said, I am feeling so thankful that I lead an outstanding, amazing, resilient, innovative, caring, engaged team at the Alzheimer Society of Montreal. We haveContinue reading “Services continue at a distance during this health crisis”

Lessons Learned from my Mother’s Bad Behaviour

Conventional wisdom tells us that children learn from the good example of their parents.  But something went haywire when my mother misbehaved in the office of the Prime Minister.  She defied the leadership of the Jamaica Civil Service Association by raising a topic that was not on the agenda in a meeting with the PrimeContinue reading “Lessons Learned from my Mother’s Bad Behaviour”

Diversity is a Politically Correct Buzzword: Let’s Get Serious about Workplace Integration

August 15, 1993, was to have been the luckiest day in my life.  I landed in Montreal, Canada, as a permanent resident with a job already lined up!  Fluent in French and with a degree from a North American university, I was hired as a management trainee in a major Canadian institution.  Unlike most newContinue reading “Diversity is a Politically Correct Buzzword: Let’s Get Serious about Workplace Integration”