Is ‘Group Think’ Blocking Diversity on your Board?

Group-think’ occurs when boards lack diversity.
Ensuring that an organization is fulfilling its mission to serve its clients and the good of the society is at the heart of good governance. are more likely to be effective when their membership reflects the diversity of their clienteles and the communities they serve.

Think differently about passion, vision and mentorship

Leading a not-for-profit organization whose mission I care about requires much more than passion. I truly understand that the uncertainty of donations and subventions can disrupt the best laid plans and vision of the future. Even though I have experience in business and as a volunteer board member in the non-profit sector, I have been learning so much more from many varied sources about the non-profit world.

Rethinking Philanthropy – Solving Social Problems Through Private-Public Sector Partnerships

When we think of philanthropy, images that immediately come to mind are galas and golf tournaments, photos of oversized cheques and smiles, wealthy socialites, high-powered business people and CEOs of non-profit organizations. The list of social problems and causes – from homelessness to saving the trees – are not going away any time soon.  WeContinue reading “Rethinking Philanthropy – Solving Social Problems Through Private-Public Sector Partnerships”

Raise funds for charity by helping corporations to be successful

  Photo: YWCA Montreal team at Scotiabank Charity Challenge / Défi Caritatif Montreal 2015 I used to think that 13 was an unlucky number, but I changed my mind a few years ago.  A brand awareness survey found that 13% of non-client respondents were likely to do business with our company because it sponsored communityContinue reading “Raise funds for charity by helping corporations to be successful”

These 3 KPIs May Get Your Marketing Budget Approved

When setting KPI benchmarks, it is important to separate and measure the contribution of each Department involved. 1. Demand generation 2. New client acquisition 3. Profitability of retaining current clients. The table provides a suggested framework for setting KPI metrics.