3 Stumbling Blocks That Can Derail Your Job Search & How to Avoid Them

  When I published the article “You’re hired!”…and it took me a year, I had no idea that I would be looking for work three years later.  Back then, I had just concluded an intensive search after my position in a stable, global financial institution was abolished, ending a successful career that progressed nicely overContinue reading “3 Stumbling Blocks That Can Derail Your Job Search & How to Avoid Them”

3 Things Airlines Shouldn’t Lose with their Passengers’ Luggage

For 14 days I was without my suitcase while on my Christmas vacation in Jamaica. It was frustrating to go through this experience as a customer. As a marketer, I observed firsthand how a negative customer experience can threaten to unravel the hard work and investments in marketing communication programmes.

These 3 KPIs May Get Your Marketing Budget Approved

When setting KPI benchmarks, it is important to separate and measure the contribution of each Department involved. 1. Demand generation 2. New client acquisition 3. Profitability of retaining current clients. The table provides a suggested framework for setting KPI metrics.

Three ways to measure engagement ROI

Consider using the following metrics to gather meaningful information on engagement: 1. Correlation between awareness and consideration 2. Purchases and revenue potential 3. Advocacy.

Yesterday I won…and so did everybody else!

Think win-win is one of Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. I remember reading Covey’s book several years ago and feeling challenged and overwhelmed as I thought of how I could possibly practice this habit in the ego-centric competitive corporate culture of the company where I worked at that time. But a strangeContinue reading “Yesterday I won…and so did everybody else!”