What does a tropical scene have to do with empathy and value?

Throughout the pandemic, there has been a lot of storytelling and sharing of experiences. We’re learning more about the cares and concerns of our colleagues, employees and clients.

Why Customer Service is killing your Marketing plan and how to stop it

  As marketing continues to evolve, there’s no shortage of articles, research and blogs giving advice on data analytics, engagement tactics, content marketing.  Marketers read voraciously to find solutions to ensure that marketing programs contribute to new and incremental revenues and to the pipeline of qualified leads.  Effective marketing automation and performance metrics are theContinue reading “Why Customer Service is killing your Marketing plan and how to stop it”

3 Things Airlines Shouldn’t Lose with their Passengers’ Luggage

For 14 days I was without my suitcase while on my Christmas vacation in Jamaica. It was frustrating to go through this experience as a customer. As a marketer, I observed firsthand how a negative customer experience can threaten to unravel the hard work and investments in marketing communication programmes.