How to be a Content Marketer, not just a Thought Leader

  Content marketing and thought leadership:  both are identified as vitally important for business, particularly as social media gains an increasingly important place to find information on products and services. Although the terms content marketing and thought leadership are very often used interchangeably, I believe that there are major differences in their definitions as well asContinue reading “How to be a Content Marketer, not just a Thought Leader”

Keep Content Marketing Simple

With social media gaining momentum as important channels for marketing communication, and with technology tools now being used to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, we are in a new era of marketing.  Much is being said and written about modern marketing,  which by many definitions, boils down to creating and sustaining an engaged clienteleContinue reading “Keep Content Marketing Simple”

Perspective d’un annonceur : Les erreurs les plus fréquentes que font les représentants des ventes médias

Il y a quelques années, j’ai reçu un appel de quelqu’un qui essayait de me vendre des emplacements médias pour la campagne publicitaire de la compagnie où je travaillais. J’ai reçu l’appel juste deux minutes après que j’ai cliqué sur le bouton d’envoi d’un courriel avec ma réponse au courriel que le représentant des ventesContinue reading “Perspective d’un annonceur : Les erreurs les plus fréquentes que font les représentants des ventes médias”

Advertiser’s perspective: Common errors media sales people make

Common errors media sales people make A few years ago, I received a telephone call from someone trying to sell me advertising space.  The call came not more than two minutes after I clicked the send button on an e-mail I wrote in response to the media salesperson’s earlier e-mail.  In my e-mail, I saidContinue reading “Advertiser’s perspective: Common errors media sales people make”

Marketing in-roads to product development & strategy planning

A few years ago, the AV-P, product development in the company where I worked, explained the role of his marketing colleagues to newly recruited employees: “Once we’ve developed the product specs, we let our marketing colleagues make them look nice.” He repeated this statement twice. As horrified as I was when I heard this, IContinue reading “Marketing in-roads to product development & strategy planning”