Services continue at a distance during this health crisis


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The Corona virus crisis is what it is. Let’s not bury our heads in the sand. There is anxiety, anguish and pain.

That said, I am feeling so thankful that I lead an outstanding, amazing, resilient, innovative, caring, engaged team at the Alzheimer Society of Montreal.

We have suspended direct contact with our clients, but we have found alternative ways of meeting their needs at a distance.

Our counselors have provided nearly 140 hours of direct support to caregivers and people living with dementia.

The families of all 40 participants in our activity centres, as well as the families of 35 participants in our in-home respite and stimulation program, have been contacted 3 times each. Our workers have been able to use Skype and Zoom to communicate directly with some clients.

Our monthly support groups for caregivers are now operational on Zoom. Some groups take place for 1 hour every 2 weeks, instead of 2 hours every month, according to the preference of participants.

We have launched a weekly art therapy challenge and mini-conference series on our Facebook page to break the isolation of our clients.

For the mini-conference on March 25 on communication tools to facilitate communication with persons suffering from a neurocognitive disorder:

– 311 views in French

– 378 views in English


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