Addressing Violence Against Women Through Education & Pay Equity

Women gain self confidence and self-esteem when they are empowered to make their own choices, to use their talents and to participate in the economy and in healthy partnerships.

La Semaine nationale des proches aidants et du 1 au 7 novembre 2020

Nous serons tous des proches aidants et de plus, nous aurons besoin d’un proche aidant. Les proches aidants sont le pilier invisible et caché du système de santé Quatre-vingt-seize pour cent (96%) des personnes qui reçoivent des soins à domicile de longue durée ont un proche aidant non rémunéré. Les proches aidants contribuent 25 milliardsContinue reading “La Semaine nationale des proches aidants et du 1 au 7 novembre 2020”

National Caregivers Week is 1 – 7 November 2020

At some point, all of us will be caregivers and will be in need of a caregiver. Care givers are the invisible backbone of our health care system. Ninety-six percent (96%) of individuals receiving long-term home care have an unpaid caregiver.[i]  Caregivers contribute $25 billion in unpaid care to our healthcare system.[ii] By providing careContinue reading “National Caregivers Week is 1 – 7 November 2020”

Why we need to hear Derek Chauvin’s side of the story

We need to deepen our collective understanding of the fears, beliefs, and responses of people who use the authority entrusted to them to abuse those who are defenseless and vulnerable, particularly those of the Black race.  These “people” include employers, landlords, judges, teachers, corporate executives, politicians, priests, pastors, healthcare workers and many more of us. This is why Derek Chauvin needs to tell his side of the story, by answering the following questions.