How assessing my life experiences helped me define my purpose in life

Deeply committed to the Christian tradition of spirituality, I define myself as an eternal, evolving spirit, having a purposeful, earthly experience. That said, I won’t deny that my earthly experience is shaped by my gender, ethnicity, and cultural heritage.

Ways to wellness and employee engagement during the pandemic

Admittedly, during a pandemic, keeping employees motivated and engaged is difficult. Basic human needs for personal safety, stable relationships, job security and significance are top of mind for employees facing economic uncertainty, fearing job losses, and carrying the dual burden of professional and personal responsibilities. When unmet, these needs put employee wellness and engagement in jeopardy.

Services à distance en cette période d’urgence sanitaire

PUBLIÉE SUR LINKEDIN LE 5 AVRIL 2020 La crise du virus corona est une dure réalité que nous ne pouvons pas nier. Il y a beaucoup d’anxiété, angoise, et douleur. Ayant dit celà, j’ai beaucoup de gratitude pour l’équipe dont j’ai l’immense privilège à guider chez Société Alzheimer de Montréal. Les membres de l’équipe sont résilients,Continue reading “Services à distance en cette période d’urgence sanitaire”

Services continue at a distance during this health crisis

PUBLISHED ON LINKEDIN on 5 APRIL, 2020 The Corona virus crisis is what it is. Let’s not bury our heads in the sand. There is anxiety, anguish and pain. That said, I am feeling so thankful that I lead an outstanding, amazing, resilient, innovative, caring, engaged team at the Alzheimer Society of Montreal. We haveContinue reading “Services continue at a distance during this health crisis”