Your First 90 Days. Be slow. Be mindful. Be humble.

A guiding principle for choosing quick wins is to determine key priorities and then to decide which ones are urgent and which ones are important. Urgent priorities are deadline-driven. Important priorities may impact the delivery of the urgent priorities.

What is YOUR Dharma?

Throughout his life, my father was a teacher, even though he didn’t spend all his years in the classroom.  High school and university students, business people, social workers and children in foster care all benefited in one way or another from his knowledge of physics, mathematics, human resources and guidance counselling.  In the last tenContinue reading “What is YOUR Dharma?”

Humanities In Action | How Foreign Languages Paved My Career Path

This is the text of an article I wrote which was published in the Sunday Gleaner in Jamaica on 23 April 2017. The article is one in a series sponsored by the University of the West Indies, highlighting the relevance and value of an education in the arts and humanities. It came as no surprise whenContinue reading “Humanities In Action | How Foreign Languages Paved My Career Path”

6 Tips on how to avoid being a micro-manager and being micro-managed

“Check, double check and check again.”   This was possibly the best advice I received early in my career. I followed through on my boss’ advice. I believe that this was the reason why it was noted on my performance evaluation that I was action-oriented and reliable without supervision. In later years I realized that theContinue reading “6 Tips on how to avoid being a micro-manager and being micro-managed”

2 Key Questions Leaders Must Ask Themselves

  There are numerous definitions of “leadership.”  No matter how you look at it, leadership is really about inspiring people to achieve goals. It takes effective leadership to successfully achieve goals, regardless of whether they are tied to revenues and profits, a desired future state of a country, implementing a new programme or promoting aContinue reading “2 Key Questions Leaders Must Ask Themselves”